About NAB

NAB is a non-Governmental, non-profit making national umbrella organization of the blind. The central executive board of the association consists of 15 including three reservations for Blind Women members elected by the General Assembly held every three years among the delegates form (a) the central executive board, (b) district branch representatives in proportion to its general members, and (c) five nominated by the board in which 33% are female. NAB has formed sector-wise committees in the areas of Women, Low Vision, Youth and Children. It has 40 district branches with 3000 general members across the country. The Association has planned to cover all 75 districts. It is affiliated with World Blind Union (WBU) and Asian Blind Union (ABU). Its Main purpose is to promote and protect rights and interests of the blind and partially sighted (BPS) people through lobbying and advocacy. Mainly, it works on - Capacity Building, Employment Promotion, Income Generation support, blindness prevention and control, Education, Vocational Training for the empowerment of BPS people through institution/community based rehabilitation (CBR).



Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) persons of Nepal enjoying self-reliant and dignified life & capable NAB.



To empower Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) persons through advocacy capacity building and practical work.



To organise the Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) persons by ensuring representation at policy formulation level for enhancing their rights and improving their living conditions.