Income Generating Project (Vision Handicraft (P) Ltd.)

Why we need this project? 

The aim of this project is to establish a permanent system of marketing management of Nepalese handicraft and other products that provides regular design, market and technical services to low income craft producers especially disabled and earn fair income for the Nepal Association of the Blind (NAB). 

After NAB made an agreement with Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP), Norway (back donor NORAD) in 1997 its' working area expanded. With the financial support of the NABP, NAB is working in the areas of Rehabilitation, Organizational Strengthening, Blindness Prevention and Control, Women Empowerment, Awareness and Advocacy, Education and Employment for BPS persons. The economic part of the organization is most important for strengthening the organization. Without having sufficient fund, planned programme of the organization cannot be implemented properly. It is obvious that the financial assistance from donor organizations will not be continued forever. Therefore, we come to the point that we have to launch an effective income generation programme that would really help the organization to generate the fund to run it's future activities. We have been trying to merge the social and business realm together with a goal to sustain the organization financially.  

As being a social, non-profit making organization, it is very hard to do all the business activities by itself and it would be more difficult to have further relation with commercial people without having better relation with local businessman Considering this fact, we have formally registered Vision Handicraft Private Limited Company as a sister concern to do all its business activities by involving some other private people and the representative from the donor agencies. Nepal Association of the Blind (NAB) has occurs 98.5% of total share amount and rest of the 1.5% of share amount has distributed to other two personalities from outside and representative from the donor. So, the NAB is a major shareholder of the organization and others just playing volunteering role not having any profit from the company. The mandatory of the rules and regulation and memorandum of the articles of the company has set to collect the profit from the company to NAB's Endowment Fund. The company is registered (Regd.# 15442/31-05-2001) with the Company Registrar's Office, His Majesty Government of Nepal under the Company Act 1995 as well as registered with the Tax Office with the Permanent Account Number (PAN # 500209950/058-02-05). 

Who are the Partners? And how does it function? 

It is a fact that without having conducive relationship with buyers, producers and suppliers, no business cannot really succeed. So, we are working together with other producers group involved with different handicraft production in Fair Trade Ethics and have similar developmental and welfare aims. All the producer groups are producing handicraft products, selling to the different organisations at of fair price, and enrolling the profit for community development and enabling the craftsmen and their families to better their lives and revitalize the local Economy. Most of the producers groups are giving priority to the low-income females and socially discriminate (disadvantage community) craft producers to empower them in the society. 

We are working for the welfare of BPS persons in Nepal. We are not going to involve BPS people in the production of handicraft products at initial stage due to quality competition of the products. The BPS people's skill will be used in other miscellaneous task of the business like packaging, labeling, folding etc according to their skill. We are planning to involve the BPS persons in the production, which gives them employment opportunities and enable them to raise their economic status. This project is thinking for its own production unit to enroll the BPS people in the production in future. 

How this programme helps to NAB and BPS people in Nepal?  

Financial part is a great concern for every society as well as organization. It will not be fair to hope for help without giving anything. We have planned to work with the Alternative Trade Organizations (ATOs) and other commercial buyers. The ultimate aim of the project is to export the Nepalese handicrafts to different countries and generate fund for other developmental and welfare activities for the BPS people in Nepal. The net profit of the Vision Handicraft (Pvt.) Ltd. will be deposited to the Endowment Fund created for strengthening of NAB's future activities.          

How you can help this Programme? 

You as individuals, your organizations and other trading partners will be our valued customers to carry out our business activities to the current market of the world. So, we are reaching you with our products and offer. Your cooperation in our business will provide significant input to our activities and enable us to explore various support activities for BPS persons. It will bring immense help to our project, if you could kindly consider adding some of our products to your range and establish business relation between us. Hence, we are very eager and hopeful to establish a working relationship between you and NAB Income Generation Project with mutual understanding and on a complete partnership basis.

Our production partners 

Basically, we are working with organizations, which are maintaining similar goal and objectives for the sustainable community development through craft business. Mostly, our producer groups are providing facilities and services to the deprived community people like socially discriminate caste, unemployed female and low-income producers who are from disadvantage caste/ethnic communities.  

The products reflected to our catalogues are traditional with cultural value, unique and environmentally friendly. The products are produced under the Fair Trade ethics. The collections of the products in this catalogue are very limited in range. We have very huge range of handicraft products in colours and designs. We can supply the products as per your interest and market trends, which include your own design and colour combination. Please let us know if you have other range of products, which we have not included in our catalogue and we try to fulfill your needs. 

Product Range

Woolen Products

Felt, Sweater and related accessories

Endogenous Nepali Hand made Paper Products: -Village Tanned Leather Products (Manufactured by Scheduled caste called Sarki) 

Ceramics and Pottery Products 

Cotton Textile Dhaka and others..

Pashmina Products

Terms and condition for ordering of the goods 

1. The Nepal Association of the Blind (NAB) is a private, non-profit group registered with His Majesty's Government of Nepal. So, we established a separate Vision Handicraft Private Limited to do export marketing and request that all correspondence and payments related to business be made to Vision Handicraft (Pvt.) Ltd.

2. After receiving your order, we will notify you through a Proforma Invoice of our stock position, delivery date and total cost including packing charge. Delivery may take between 2-3 months

3. Insurance is to be arranged by the buyer, if required.

4. The terms of payment is:

          50% on confirmation of order
     50% two weeks before shipping

His Majesties Government of Nepal requires 100% advance payment for goods deposited in our local bank account before shipping documents are released. Payment must be made in convertible currency, US dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling preferred.

5. All prices are wholesale rates quoted in US dollars. Airfreight arrangements are FOB. Order for less than 45 Kgs. (100 lbs) cannot be accepted except samples and special arrangement made by the buyers. When ordering, please give your nearest airport/seaport and list any specific documents required. We provide the following documents: Invoice, Packing List, GSP Form A, Origin certificate (Chamber Form) Archeological Certificate for Metal, Wood carvings and Textile Visa (if required).

6. Most of the products in our catalogue do not list colour due to the wide range available. Please list your colour preferences and we will do our best to accommodate your preference. No item substitution will be done without your approval.

7. The most preferred mode of payment is telex transfer. However, We also accept Letters of Credit (LC) for orders above US$ 25,000. Personal cheque or money orders cannot be accepted. For local purchase, credit cards (VISA, Master Card and JVC) can also be used.

8. All packing will be in Jute bag with heavy plastic liner, Plywood and cardboard Boxes as per the dimension of the products. Specify preference.

 9.      Send telex transfers or Letters of Credit (LC) to:

                   Vision Handicraft (Pvt.) Ltd.
A/C no.  1863100
                   Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
                   Durbarmarg, Kathmandu
                   Swift Code: NIBLNPKT
                   Telex: - 2435 & 2328
                   Fax: - +977 1 226349

Note: Please be sure to mention in your telex transfer that the money is payment for handicrafts.