Handycrafts Products

In our vocational training, visually impaired adults learn how to produce different handicrafts. At the moment we offer courses to make stools and candles. If you need a stool four your house or want to buy some candles, why not support the work of our vocational training programme?

Braille Press

We have a powerful Braille Press to produce Braille materials in high quality and quantity. In fact NAB is the only producer of braille books on a large scale in the country. We mainly produce Braille books for government schools. If you have a visually impaired child in your school or need any kind of Braille materials, contact our Braille press.

Braille Equipment and Assistive Devices

NAB supplies Various Items to be required for the blind and visually impaired people on education and mobility. Such as Whitecane, writing slate and stylus, mathematics board, Geometric kits, Abacus, Braille typewriter, Word building kits, chess board, atlas etc.

Supply of Braille Paper

NAB has recently lunched the supply of Bralle Paper of 140 GSM.