Status of the blind in Nepal

As per the sample survey conducted in Nepal by National Blindness Survey in 1980 in an eye to the International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP), 1981, the population of the Blind was estimated 0.84% of the total population of the country. That was the first survey of persons with disabilities in Nepal and according to the WHO/PBL/93.27 and WHO/PBL/00.77 the number of low vision persons is estimated even more. If we considered the above data, the number of the BPS persons seemed to be covered more than 2% of the total population. The household survey conducted by NAB/NABP in its Community Based Rehabilitation project lunched area Chitwan district showed 1.24% i.e. 5,223  population in the district. Likewise, in Dang district 1.12% I.e. 5073 population. This figure includes both Blind and low vision.   Mostly the blindness is occurred due to cataract and its sequel, Glaucoma, Xerophthalmia, vitamin - A deficiency, ocular infections and poor victims of congenital diseases. The majority of the Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) Persons live in far- flung areas in miserable conditions having despondency, depression and frustration in the absence of opportunities. In fact, the Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) persons have really been facing numerous problems for their livelihood. And they are lacking self-confidence, a strong unified voice, and personal health care and leadership skill. As being a developing country of the world, blindness in Nepal is not only a health problem but also a social and economic problem. There is a general feeling among people; Blindness is punishment of the God due to ignorance and superstition and lack of information about its pathology. Usually the blind is regarded as a helpless and unproductive human. Attention to the needs of the BPS persons has never been a national priority in Nepal .The blind has always been neglected in all aspect of development. So very few are able to get facilities. The following data visualizes the situation:

Status of the Blind  in different sector:

        Total No. of Blind People : Approximately 200,000

Education    :

        Master level      :       13 (Female:3)

        Bachelor           :       54 (Female: 17)

        SLC                  :       385 (Female: 128)

Employment  :        

        Teacher            :      98 (Female: 23)

        Receptionist        :      6 (Female: 5)

        Music                  :      10 

        Proof Reader       :      2 (Female)

        Factory workers   :     20 (Female: 3)

        News anchor  on Nepal 1 TV :  1

        NGO/INGO staffs :      7


Blind Scientist in Nepal

 Dear Readers,

We have a very good news to share with all of you. Many of us might not have heard about the blind scientist. This could be more interesting and encouraging to those groups. Mr. Ramesh Dahal, general member at NAB,  inhabitant  of Gotathar  Kathmandu has become a first blind scientist in Nepal for Inventing more than ten areas of  technology.    RONAST (Royal Nepal Academy of Science and technology)  has awarded with the titled " Metal Technology Award" to Mr. Dahal for inventing Traffic Sound Signal for the blind. The awards includes Rs. 25000 with the certificate. This awards is being distributed every two year as the decision taken by the RONAST. We NAB would like to congratulate for his great achievement . We also would like to thank to RONAST for their admirable evaluation of work. We wish him for his continuous success.